These first pictures are from Halloween

Havoc. Most people were good sports.

First, we have Disco Inferno. A very nice

guy. You can't help but respect someone

who's willing to come out every week and

disco dance in the middle of the ring...

Next, we have Chris Jericho, back in his

more favored days. He was a good sport,

considering it took three tries to get this

picture, since the film wasn't loaded right.

Unfortunately, this also caused the pictures

of Eddie Guerrero and Alex Wright to be

lost as well. A real shame.

The start of a possible nWo collection.

Syxx was busy talking, but patience got us

the picture, though I didn't think he'd go for

it at first. Now - is it just me, or does his

goatee look like someone drew it on

the picture with a black pen?

Konan was nice enough to pose, adding

another nWo member to the collection.

I tell you, with my roommate the vampire,

and the Mexican Heavyweight champion,

I don't think I have to worry about my

personal safety...

Chris Benoit, former Horsemen. This was

an honor, in my book. He almost looks a

little spooked, like we're about to mug him.

By the way, we tried to get Scott Norton.

I said, "Too busy for a quick picture?"

He said, "Yep." and walked right by us.

WOW! This is one I *never* thought I'd get.

The legend, the Enforcer, Arn Anderson!

I was so shocked, I didn't think to make

the Four Horsemen sign until the picture

had been snapped, but still it's another

honor as far as I'm concerned.

Creator of some of the most bizarre angles

in the WCW, Kevin Sullivan. For some

reason, when I saw him, I just had to

have a picture with him. Say what you will,

but any man who's willing to fight in a

bathroom can't be all bad.

We politely asked Eric Bischoff for his

picture, but he said he was 'all pictured out.'

But Terry Taylor, sitting at his table, must

have talked him into it, because he called

us back, apologized, and took it with us.

Wasn't that nice of him?

These next three pictures were taken the

night before the June 30th Nitro, with a

disposable camera (thus the inferior

quality.) We were surprised to see Glacier.

He was extremely pleasant, and talked to

us at length before posing for this one.

He even remembered us at Havoc!

...but before we found Glacier, I spotted

Savage. I couldn't believe it! So shy as can

be, we drifted over and finally I got up the

nerve to talk to him, and ask for a quick

picture. He wasn't very enthusiastic about

it, but he did take it, so he's okay by me.

Hennig, on the other hand, is another story.

Apparently the Giant had a few beers

before we got there, as he was very relaxed

and very talkative. He's a riot. He's also

huge. Frame of reference: I'm 6'1"

And would you look at his hands!

Last picture - I threw this one in, even

though I don't know who it is. It's a mystery

to me. Some short guy.

(Note:  This is Rey Mysterio, Jr. - at that time
he always wrestled under a mask)